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Spousal Support


Connecticut Divorce and Spousal Support First off, you should understand under what circumstances alimony will occur. If, over the course of your marriage, you and your spouse both worked, had similar incomes, and had some independent finances, alimony may not get awarded to your case. Alimony is rehabilitative in nature. The purpose of alimony [...]

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Marital Home


One of your major assets is likely your home. Along with the rest of your assets, you are probably wondering what will happen to your marital home when you get a divorce. What if you want to keep the house? What if you don’t? There are many questions related to your marital home and what [...]

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Personal Injury and Divorce


When in the middle of a divorce, you might not know how personal injury affects the divorce. How will personal injury awards become divided between you and your spouse? Here I will discuss personal injury awards and worker’s compensation. I will discuss how divorce impacts these things. Dividing Property When a married couple decides to [...]

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Filing for divorce can improve your life in many ways. However, you might feel worried about how you will afford the divorce. Between court fees, the time you will have to take off from work, and lawyer fees, the divorce expenses can add up. Here, I will discuss some common divorce fees and how [...]


Assets and Debts


You should begin taking inventory of your assets and debt as soon as you decide to divorce. This is because splitting up assets and debt can be a difficult aspect of the divorce process. However, it does not have to be. If you can maintain open communication with your spouse, this process can be painless. [...]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce


Sometimes, divorce and bankruptcy go hand in hand. If this is the case, you need to understand your financial situation. You can learn more here. Bankruptcy and Divorce If you have been awarded a support order, be it child support or alimony, one common question which frequently arises is “What happens if my ex-spouse filed [...]

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