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Issues in divorce oftentimes arise when people do not understand what rights and obligations they have. If you are not sure what you are entitled, this confusion can complicate your divorce situation. In order to get what you are entitled to out of divorce, you need to understand your rights. You can learn about several [...]


Divorce and Children


One major factor in your divorce that you might be concerned about is how it will affect your children. On this page, I will provide some information on how to help your children through this time. How Does Divorce Affect Children? As a parent, your instinct is always to protect your child from hardships and [...]

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Divorce and Adoption


Divorce will likely have an affect on your living situation. This will include your child custody if you have children with your ex. If you have adopted children, you need to know if and how divorce will affect your child custody. Does Divorce Affect Adoption? Divorce can happen to couples that choose to adopt children. [...]

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Child Custody


I’ve outlined many points thus far that are important in divorce. But, this section will deal with what many people consider the most important aspect of divorce – child custody. If you and your spouse have children together, you probably have a million questions running through your mind. It is important to understand that each [...]

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Child Support


As you go through a divorce, if you and your spouse have children together, one major decision that you have to make includes parental access. Child custody cases have a nasty reputation. But, not all are mean-spirited and drawn out. As stated in the previous section, you have several options when determining child custody. Regardless [...]

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