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Improving Your Self Esteem After Divorce


Even if you are the most confident person in the world, a breakup can rattle you. Any major change in life can be scary, and it can cause you to reflect on yourself. While reflection is a good thing, it can quickly spiral into feelings of self-doubt and insecurity if you're not careful. If your [...]

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How To Stay Healthy Through Your Divorce


Any major life event, good or bad, can be incredibly stressful. Your divorce will be no different. I know that at this time, you have a million things to worry about and take care of. But one thing that you should not neglect at this time is yourself! Staying healthy and happy throughout your divorce [...]

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How To Recover From Adultery


Marriages end for many reasons, and if you face divorce, it is important to consider all of the events that may have contributed to the breakdown of your marriage. However, there is one common reason for divorce that you might be experiencing right now. Adultery is one common factor in divorce that can be especially [...]

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Ready for Divorce


Before you file for divorce, it is important to review your situation and determine if divorce is best for you. In some cases, divorce is mutual. Both spouses recognize that their marriage is no longer working, and they seek divorce as a solution to this problem and the hope for happier days. However, in [...]

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Spousal Support


Connecticut Divorce and Spousal Support First off, you should understand under what circumstances alimony will occur. If, over the course of your marriage, you and your spouse both worked, had similar incomes, and had some independent finances, alimony may not get awarded to your case. Alimony is rehabilitative in nature. The purpose of alimony [...]

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Special Circumstance


If your relationship with your partner has ended, you might not be sure if a divorce applies to your situation. On this page, I will discuss some special circumstances in which you might seek alternatives to divorce. For more information on these special circumstances and others, please contact my office. I can review your [...]

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Same Sex Divorce


Same sex marriage has been legal in the state of Connecticut since 2008. This is a major milestone for Connecticut because not all states recognize gay marriage. But, same sex divorce laws are still not very developed. This presents challenges and complexities for couples seeking a same sex divorce that heterosexual couples do not face. [...]

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Issues in divorce oftentimes arise when people do not understand what rights and obligations they have. If you are not sure what you are entitled, this confusion can complicate your divorce situation. In order to get what you are entitled to out of divorce, you need to understand your rights. You can learn about several [...]


Personal Injury and Divorce


When in the middle of a divorce, you might not know how personal injury affects the divorce. How will personal injury awards become divided between you and your spouse? Here I will discuss personal injury awards and worker’s compensation. I will discuss how divorce impacts these things. Dividing Property When a married couple decides to [...]

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If you are in the middle of a divorce, you might be uncomfortable taking your case to court. Going to court can be a lengthy, expensive, and stressful process. In some situations, it is the right way to handle the divorce. But in other situations, alternatives to court might be a good idea. Here, you [...]