I am Lady Divorce, and I concentrate my practice on Divorce and represent both men and women in Connecticut.

I am a Connecticut divorce attorney who represents people who wish to end their marriage. My main office is in New Haven, Connecticut, which makes it convenient to handle cases in both the Fairfield and New Haven Judicial Districts. I also have an office in the greater Hartford area.

If you or a family member is dealing with a divorce, you need a lawyer who can advocate for you, can deal with the legal proceedings and protect your legal and financial interests.  I will be that attorney.

I handle cases:

  • With contested child custody
  • With cheating spouses
  • For stay at home moms
  • As guardian for minor children in divorces
  • If you have been served or wish to start the process


My clients are normal everyday people who, just like you, find themselves going through the end of their marriage. I make sure the system and the lawyers treat you with the dignity you deserve.

Hope is not a strategy.  Call me today to get peace of mind knowing you have a trained Connecticut Divorce lawyer on your side.

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Recent Blog Post

Tips For Dealing With Your Spouse In Mediation

Business meetingChances are, if you are preparing for divorce, you don’t want to go through the stress, time, and money associated with taking the divorce to court. In some cases, it is possible to work out the details of your divorce with your spouse. You can do this through a process called mediation so that you don’t have to involve the court. But, mediation can be hard, especially with someone who is soon to be your ex. You might want to communicate with them and find a compromise, but this is oftentimes easier said than done. If you are interested in mediation and you need some tips to help you, this article will be helpful. Consider these tips to make sure that mediation goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Hire an attorney. It can be helpful to have an attorney present at the mediation. You will have someone there who can support you and make sure that your rights are protected. From a legal standpoint, you can rest assured that you won’t agree to anything that is not in your best interest. And, from an emotional standpoint, it can be helpful to have someone supporting you and looking out for your best interest.
  • Establish a game plan. You should go into mediation with a goal. Understand that you probably won’t get every single thing that you want in mediation. There are some things that you will have to compromise on. Think about your deal breakers that you won’t change your mind on. Also think about what you are willing to compromise on. Do this before you get to mediation so that you can be prepared for this meeting.
  • Prepare to deal with your spouse. You should also prepare before you get to mediation to deal with your spouse. Try to remain calm and communicate with your spouse while in mediation. Avoiding high emotions will be helpful for both parties. If things begin to get heated, try to take a break and diffuse the situation.
  • Act businesslike. It might be easier to talk about the divorce in a businesslike manner. This can detach you from the situation enough to remain clear-headed when dealing with your ex.
  • Put your children first. Try to decide what is best for your children, instead of just doing what you want. You and your spouse both want what is best for your children, so try to come up with a solution that everyone will be happy with, even if it means making a compromise.
  • Understand what your spouse wants. Try not to be blinded by your own emotions and desires. Connect with your spouse by understanding what they want out of the divorce, and try to find a way to give this to them.

Dealing with your spouse and figuring out the best way to handle your divorce can be difficult. But, working together and working with a lawyer can help the situation. For more tips and help with mediation, contact my office.